Travel to Semarang: The Best Attractions to See

Semarang in the Center Java Province has been recognized as one of the most fabulous tourism destinations that you have to visit when the holiday time has come. This wonderful city will definitely be able to offer you so many great things that can please your lovely ones and your own self as well. So then, you will find that your vacation in the city will be so awesome and cool at the same time. Aside of that, you will also find so various options of the best attractions to see when you travel to semarang. Them in case you are so curious about the best attractions in Semarang, you better figure them out below.

There are some of the best attractions that you have to see when you travel to semarang in your holiday time, which are like:

  • The Benowo Waterfall

One of so many great attractions that you can enjoy in the city of Semarang is the Benowo Waterfall. This specific waterfall has been one of the most favorite destinations that you have to visit when you go to Semarang especially if you are a kind of a nature lover. It is because this place will be showing you the amazing and beautiful natural views that can drop your jaw so greatly. The combination of the falling water and the greeneries makes it look like a real painting that will spoil your eyes tremendously. However, you have to pass on the tiring and difficult track when you want to go there. So then, it is so much recommended for you to take a guide to go to the place with you. By doing so, you will always have someone to help you out every time the unexpected things happen.

  • Lawang Sewu

Moreover, the other incredible place in the city that you have to visit is Lawang Sewu or Thousand Doors which refers to the designs of the building that has so many doors. This particular place, which was built in the early of the 20th century, used to be the Railway Company of the Dutch. Then, the reason why you have to come to this place is because it has the spooky yet interesting atmosphere. Furthermore, the ancient styled architecture will definitely increase the mysterious nuance inside of the building somehow. So, in case you are seeking for something to pump your heart racing, you better come to this place in order to experience its spooky yet interesting atmosphere by paying the admission price of IDR10.000 only.

In conclusion, they all are some of the best attractions that you cannot miss when you travel to semarang during your holiday time. All of them will definitely make you find the other incredible side of the city of Semarang. So then, you will find that your vacation in the city can be so fun and exciting at once. So, you can really make all of the stress and boring things away so easily when you enjoy your free time seeing those attractions.


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